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    Good health starts at Optimum Fitness in Anaheim, CA. Our personal trainer will help you set and attain your fitness goals, one step at a time.
    Our weight loss professionals will guide you though a weight management program that suits your needs, with an attainable finish line.
    Every accomplishment feeds your confidence and at Optimum Fitness, we are committed to you and your goals!
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Our Services

Boot camp
Fitness Programs

Being optimally fit is more than a short-term commitment: it’s a way of life. We’ll help you reach your goals with personalized fitness programs. It all begins with weight management. Are you ready to commit?

Fat burning
Weight Loss Programs

Our weight loss programs are designed to help you make the most of your body, and that starts with our obese weight loss program. We’ll help you achieve your ideal weight and stay there.

Private Trainer

Our private trainer works with you one-on-one to offer the most effective and personalized private fitness program in Anaheim, CA. Express your concerns, and we’ll provide solutions.

Boxing service
Martial Arts

Self defense is a core tenant of confidence, just like fitness. We offer martial arts training to our clients, including children’s self defense. For optimum confidence, pick Optimum Fitness.

Kids fitness
Youth Fitness Classes

Our youth fitness classes are open to youth from the ages of 6-10, and consists of cardio kickboxing, light weight strength training, and stretching. We help each individual develop discipline, willpower, and strength. The class costs $10 per session and a water bottle costs $1. All necessary equipment is provided in-class.

Online Fitness Classes

We offer a variety of online fitness classes conducted through Zoom and webcam. The class lasts for one hour and costs $25 per session. It consists of Cardio Muay Thai, strength training, stretching, and mindfulness/ meditation. Each class allows up to 4 family members per session.

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